It’s Been Awhile….

Hi! It certainly has been a bit since my last blog. However, I have a perfectly wonderful excuse! Our business, NikNaxcutsncrafts, has really been doing well. In January, after only one Etsy sale, I was feeling pretty discouraged. So, I started putting out stuff on all kinds of sites & making more & more stuff! I think I made a few started sales on Let go & Offer Up & then I started using Mercari & have been rocking ever since. February was a pretty busy month, it all happened real fast. From $0/month in income to about $400+ in February was actually a lot of work. My husband & I put a lot of sweat equity in & it paid off. We, unfortunately, didn’t have a lot of capital, so were buying supplies as we went which ate up profits. This is, of course, was the least optimal route but we didn’t have much choice. By now, it’s March, & we were confident in the amount of sales we were consistently making (close to 100 items), so took some extra cash & invested in a more professional heatpress & bought our most used items (black\white Vinyl & sawtooth hangers, canvases) in bulk to help save future costs. We have an upcoming business prospect with a local shop. She said she’d be happy to sell our shirts on a rack in her store. So, our next goal is to find a reputable t-shirt wholesaler & order 50 or so tees, maybe more, if possible. Then create like 5-7 different shirts in common sizes & see how they do! Business cards are ordered & I feel more confident in our products with the upgraded equipment that I’m ready to grow again! So that’s the first quarter in a nutshell. We have done so great in our first step, I can’t wait to see what the next quarter brings us. Until we meet again!



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