Custom Made Repurposed Drawer turned Shelf/Table!

You know, sometimes you get really lucky with interactions on sites like My Offer Up Page or Let Go. For example, this nice woman, Maria, inquired about a table I had for sale. This one:

This particular table happened to be too big for what she was looking for. Maria is a nurse at an opiate treatment clinic that she has either just opened or re-opened after Hurricane Michael. You could tell she really cares about her clinic & her patients by the way she talks about them. Part of her job involves urinalysis’ & she needed a smaller table to set against the wall in the ladies’ restroom for them to set their cups on while they buckled up post-test. It’s a really dull, blah bathroom.

I was bummed I couldn’t make the sale so I offered to build her something custom. She was very excited about that & agreed. She didn’t know the exact size she needed but definitely smaller than mine. So, I got a headstart & began prepping some salvaged drawers from a small armoire.

Well, half way thru the prep, she gave me dimensions & she could only have max 8″ front to back. Ok, so scratch the headstart. Back to the drawing board. Those were the smallest salvaged drawer I had but I still wanted the work so I decided to cut them in half.

Ok, now we have a project! She also mentioned wanting a bottom drawer or shelf for toiletries. So, my hubby cut 2 in half. I told her I like to decoupage & she was cool with that so I got going. I found a decoupage pattern that had the saying:

We both thought that was fitting for the recovery clinic so I went with that. I started by stripping the paint & sanding them down real good. So far, the only cost in was a little sandpaper & 3 decoupage pages ($1.50). The drawers & the cream paint I used were free!

Secret: I have never built anything from scratch before so I was most certainly winging it! Next it was time to wood glue the table together so I let that dry & got ready for the fun part! Decoupage time!

I was moving right along. I even found 3 pages of that blue gray/light gray Chevron pattern which was amazing! I wrapped up the decoupage, sprayed the varnish coat & sent her pics.

It wasn’t the most beautiful thing in the world but it was exactly what I THOUGHT she needed.

It was so close! She texted back & apologized but she had totally forgotten to tell me that she wanted NO side on the top right side so the girls could slide their specimen onto the table easily. Well, this wasn’t the end of the world but I knew by cutting it, it was going to look off balance & mess the paint & decoupage up. She was pretty set on that idea so I had to oblige. And this is what became of that request.

Well, now it looked a little weird but I fulfilled her request, I thought. It just so happens that when she told me she needed the right side wall cut, she really meant the OTHER right, the left lol. I’m not going to lie, I was now frustrated because after the last cut, it messed up the look,the paint, the decoupage…ugh…but I HAD to give her what she wanted. We are a very small business. With very little business in a pretty small town so pleasing her could get us some word of mouth marketing, & we need it! Plus she had a whole office to decorate! Score! All the more reason to oblige! So I cut the “other right” side off:

Voila! The perfect toilet side urinalysis holding table with proper inspirational words & a cute design to brighten her bathroom & hopefully the days of the girl’s going thru their opiate issues! I haven’t given her a price. She originally wanted a table for about $20 & even though the drawer & paint were free, the sandpaper & decoupage was super cheap, I put a lot of time into it. We are happy to have the work & want to secure more work with her so I will probably charge $35-$40 for it, does that sound fair?? I’m thinking my time was worth more but I know she’s on a tight budget & I think I’ll gain more business from her so that’s what I’m thinking!

Well, here’s to chance meetings on random apps like OfferUp! Cheers to this interaction because we really needed the business! I hope everyone else out there is doing well & can’t wait to read other people’s stories! Have a great evening!



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