One of our first pieces Upcycled!

My husband and I had messed around with making things in the garage & I had my crafting. But we had never truly taken a big ole piece of furniture & transformed it into something new. So, this is the tale of our first upcycle.

We got a very old Armoire from my in-laws house & brought it to our garage. Hideous looking thing, right? So worn, big, and bulky!

At this point, we have only basic life experience in Carpentry. But with a little imagination & inspiration from Pinterest, we decided to make it into a home bar with lighting. (My husband is a Marine Electrician). So, we began breaking it down, see below.

There was quite a bit of wear & tear from age & use. So we had to replace the wood in some places.

Once we got the doors & drawers removed & the wood fixed up, the next order of business was sanding. And lots of it! It seems like we sanded for days! We even had to experiment with a dremel in some places. That was hilarious & most certainly a learning experience.

Now we were getting somewhere. We had our blank canvas so we could literally create anything. That was such a cool feeling. I was falling in love with upcycling! We went back to Home Depot for paint. We wanted either a dark brown or charcoal black. The people there are so knowledgeable & helpful so you don’t ever have to guess about what you need. We picked a higher end paint with the primer in it & w/ a gloss. That was the easy part. What to do on the inside to make it pop was where the creativity was needed. We knew we wanted a light in the top & the back wall to be accented with something. But what?

There are only about a billion choices at Home Depot. We could do tile or hardwood or linoleum, or a mural or anything, really. We didn’t want to get in too far over our heads so we picked the stick-on backsplash & a light that would blend in. And the real, true fun part began. The part where you finally get to see some fruit from your labor!

Boy, did my husband have a challenging time w/ that backsplash. & he had to get it just right because it was too expensive to buy more!! Alas, we got it just right. Oh, & prior to that process, he installed the light. The top of the armoire inside rises higher in the ceiling than the top lip so he was able to create a false ceiling to run the wire to the light & out the back. We used a 6 ft. wire, I believe. The only thing left was some good ole polyeurothane. We gave it a couple of coats for durability. And this is the finished product of our first official upcycle:

Excuse the poor wine & liquor bottle selection. We do not drink, hardly ever. These were just bottles we got from cleaning huge million dollar beach vacation houses this summer off 30A in Seaside. You might know it; the Truman Show was filmed there. People left all sorts of stuff behind because they simply only needed it while they were here. And it had to be taken away so we would get free groceries, wine, liquor, beach towels, sunscreen to last a lifetime (like 30 bottles), beach chairs, paper towels, toilet paper disposable plates, cups, & cutlery….just everything. And when I say toilet paper, I mean A LOT! We worked our last home in August. It’s January, & we still have not had to buy toilet paper! Ha! It would of just been thrown away so why not, right?

Well, I hope you enjoyed our first upcycle. My next project is decoupaging a bedside table that we also got for free from a neighbor. So, stay tuned, this should be interesting since I have no idea what I’m doing! Here’s a sneak peak! Wish me luck


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