Our first Etsy Sale!

The day is finally here, one we’ve been waiting for, for a long time! Our very first Etsy sale! I took my 7 year old daughter, Presley, to get invitations last night & when we got home, my hubby told me the awesome news! Now, I’m totally thrilled but I have to be honest, the sale came from a very nice woman who I by chance, favorited her store. She favorited mine back. I make it a point to personally write each person who favorites our store or an item in it & tell them thank you. I see it as an opportunity to make the online experience more personable. Well, she wrote back & said, “thank you for writing, that was really nice, & I hope you are having a good New Year & good luck this year on Etsy”. Well, I responded because I thought, “how nice of her”. I said you too! I told her I was new to Etsy but excited about getting the shop running & couldn’t wait for my first sale. In no way did I solicit anything. We were just chatting, like friends. She wrote back & advised me to be patient, saying, “it takes time, and hang in there”. 

Well, the very next night, she became my #1 customer! She purchased a decal, Mark 11:23, Faith can move mountains. And a reverse canvas wall decor piece with “Our Family Rules” on it! I was beside myself with how kind that was. People really can be just so wonderful to each other & I love that. She didn’t have to do that, at all. She did it from the kindness of her heart ❤ & these days, that behavior is scarce. So much division in our country! It reminded me to be kind to others as well, I usually am. However, it inspired me to sort of pay it.forward. And I will, when the time is right. I just wanted to share that with whomever is reading to hopefully warm your heart & pass that fuzzy feeling on! Have a wonderful afternoon!


My Etsy Shop!


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