How to Start a Business; Writing a Business Plan: Organization & Management

Ok, up next is the Organization & Management Structure Section. In this portion, the information you are going to include is you company’s organizational structure. Is it a Sole Proprietorship, a LLC, a General Partnership, or will you incorporate? This is extremely relevant And sets the stage for many of the company’s processes & procedures.  My training is as an accountant so, the type of entity one decides to form automatically provides an outline for the books. Also, different entities have many varying requirements which we can discuss in a later article. This will also be the place in your business plan that outlines your company’s members, their duties, and their expertise. Depending on how in-depth you want to be, you can include a CV or resume for each person, to showcase relevant talents.  Do you plan to expand? Well, God willing, I do. This section provides the current snapshot of your personnel but what about your goals? You’ve outlines where you are, now detail where you want to be in X amounts of months or years. By how much would you like to expand? For some, the sky is the limit, for others, a small business will do. Furthermore, who will you need to meet this goal?  Keep in mind while writing this part that this is a fantastic opportunity for publicity or marketing material. All the awards, education, certificates, special training, degrees, and real-world experience is all right here to reference as needed!  This section could be very bulky and detailed if you have many members of employees. On the flip side, if it’s just you, you may not need it at all, as you’ve probably already written about yourself. Your organizational structure will play a key role in writing this portion so I’ll be sure to write an add-on blog to break that down.  Writing a business plan can feel overwhelming but you’re doing great! Just keep on trucking and keep your eye on your prize! As always, if you have any questions, just ask! Nikki Hairston My Etsy Shop

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