My First Go at Decoupage

So there I was (how all good stories must begin)….mulling over how basic the things I was making were looking. I knew I had a tidbit more creativity trapped somewhere inside my brain. I had found it and used it before but it always scurries back into a hard to reach corner. Well, I saw a bird outside on our hurricane destroyed back porch and a light bulb came on! Decoupage? I don’t really know what decoupage is. Well, once I heard my cousin say she decoupaged a lawn chair with beer bottle tops or labels or something like that. But that was not the kind of decoupage I wanted to have anything to do with. I thought, “let’s go a little classier than that”. I racked my brain, I mean brainstormed. And that french vintage style art popped into my head. I LOVE that stuff. Old postcards, old sheet music, ticket stubs, handwritten things in french, butterflies, and those vintage flowers!! TO DIE FOR. This was definitely more up my alley, as far as creating what I like goes. And while I have to admit, it is important what other people like, I’m willing to bet that many, have similar tastes to mine. I mean, think about it….if there are approximately 7.5 +/- billion people in the world, the odds are that there are many people who like what I like. Since my goal is to NEVER work a day in my life (Plato), then I must do what I like and like what I do! So, I am going to post 2 different projects that I have diligently worked on involving this decoupage extravaganza. Another one has already been posted, my first, and it isn’t my favorite but I do love it. I got better, so enjoy! Feel free to constructively criticize because I am trying to learn!

Wooden framed french vintage decoupaged art, wall decor

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