My first drawer upcycle & paris vintage art decoupage project!

Happy Sunday! I hope your New Year is getting off to a badass start! That’s my goal in business, is to totally slay it with badass ideas. The good kinds of course.

So, this is a project I began months ago. I pulled a drawer from an old Armoire, removed the hardware, sanded it down 100%, added a board to the bottom for support, and painted it an eggshell white. Then I took a simple gray and white patterned vinyl, measured, cut, and placed it as a liner in the drawer. My hubby & I bought the wrong brackets, then Hurricane Michael decimated us, and life shifted focus. The drawer upcycle sat and sat.

The other day, we were in Home Depot & I decided that I needed to make a move on my drawer. So we grabbed brackets & legs. I painted the legs dark gun metal gray, attached the brackets and screwed on the legs. Then, I was left staring at a blank white drawer with a simple vinyl liner in it. Blah. My first instinct was to grab a wooden sign that said family, paint it gray, glue it to the drawer & be done with it. Maybe it would sell, probably it wouldn’t.

I was wondering the isles of Hobby Lobby when I came across my favorite style art, french vintage! There was a section with EVERYTHING you could imagine. I even went down the row of paper & card stock & pulled like 24 sheets of all different patterns for a decoupage feature on my drawer! Man, I felt like a genius! I Quickly drive home & open everything & spread it everywhere! And this is the result!!

It’s my very first but I personally love it and hope I can brighten someone’s house with this cute piece! Then it’s back to the workshop to make me one too!! I’m selling it for $49. What do y’all think? Do you like it? Is it a fair price? Could I improve somewhere?


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