Why I’m Qualified to Teach You How to Start a Business!

Good afternoon!

How is everyone’s Saturday going? Ours is wonderful because the temperature is finally dropping here in the Panhandle #850strong of Fl. Yesterday 78 degrees, today 55!

So, I’m going to start a series of How to Start a Business articles. Yes, that seems basic & overplayed but those other articles are generic, boringly simple, impersonal, & with the sole goal of driving traffic to a site. That’s great & all but I want to be different. My goal is to present you with information you can use, like tutoring you. If you have questions or comments, I will always answer them or walk you through an issue or better explain whatever topic you need assistance with.

I’ll begin by saying that I helped my parents run our small business since I was a child. I was literally 8 years old when we created a MS-DOS accounting type database to input our invoices and work orders in. This was Pre-Quickbooks! In fact, we were IRs audited when I was about 10 & as a result of my superb record-keeping skills, they owed us about $200! Victory!

I started using Quickbooks in 1995 (I was 13) & continue using it for my companies & setting it up for other people’s companies to this day, 23 years later.

I graduated from H.S. in ’99, spent the summer in Europe, then arrived at UCF in August w/ a 100% Bright Future Scholarship & a Music Scholarship that paid for everything else. I quickly switched my major to Business & a double in Accounting. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in both in 2004.

Since then, I have worked a lot for myself at home while raising our children. I did enter the actual business world in 2009. I worked for a small environmental consulting company and took their financials to another level by collecting all A/R Outstanding, Quickly paying down debt with money I trimmed from overhead costs through small cuts & using procedures that streamlined but defined the non-essential & essential purchases. We were awarded the Deepwater BP Horizon Oil Spill Contract. Millions in our hands, our staff increased by 40, payroll became multi-state, per-diem had to be accounted for by parish/county/state etc…And the final invoices we spent a month, each month putting together, were 300 pages & had to be exact to the PENNY! I worked here 5 years, until the owners decided to cash in and retire.

Then I moved on to a less time demanding job as Fund Controller for 3 Real Estate Private Equity Funds worth $50 mil combined. I was here 2 years before I went back to work at home and just consulted others.

My focus areas are business startups, small business, small business profit maximization, accounting, payroll, taxes (federal & state), and business processes. Processes and procedures are huge in Business and must be implemented.

I want my business to grow but I want yours to grow too! Over the last 3 years, I have taken continuing education courses thru my hubby’s G.I. Bill to update & further my knowledge in the field!

I want to pass my information on to others in hopes of making their life easier and in the hope that I potentially

learn from others along the way. I have a few ideas for where to begin but I’d also like to hear from you about areas where you struggle or need helping your business! Please leave comments and ideas and I promise to answer everything that I can!

Until Next Time!


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