How to Do a Reverse Canvas Project! (With Pictures)

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I am going to explain, how to do a quick & versatile DIY project. It’s called a reverse canvas project & crafters, it is SOOO easy!

Here is what you need:

1. A Canvas, the kind with the canvas wrapped around a piece of wood.

2. Some black Acrylic paint or spray paint.

3. Cricut StrongBond Black Iron-on Vinyl

4. A Cricut Heat Press or Iron

5. Clear Protective Coating Spray – any brand

6. Staple gun or Glue gun

7. Small Sawtooth Hangers – No Nail

Ok, time for the fun part! We’re making a reverse canvas wall decor using one of my favorite little Southern quotes stating;

“When Life Gives You Lemons, Put Them in Your Sweet Tea & Thank God You’re From the South”!

1.) Purchased a 7 pack of canvases from Hobby Lobby ($9.99)
2.) We detached the actual canvas from the plain wood using a razor knife or exact knife, right on the edges so the canvas will be the size of the whole back of the frame.

4. I hand paint my wood frame with black folk art paint because I like the way it looks. You can use spray paint too! Let fully dry.

3. Next, I fired up my Cricut Explorer Air 2 & designed this Southern Religious quote to fit the canvas size of 11″x 13″, selected mirror & cut it on Cricut Black Stronghold Iron-on Vinyl.

4. My hubby pressed on the vinyl letters with a Shark Ultimate Professional Iron because he is just more detail oriented than me!

5. Then he taped the canvas to the back of the frame to stretch it tight & set it up for the staple gun.
6. He staples the canvas, tight, all the way around.

7. Then we measure to the middle & hammer on a sawtooth hanger for easy wall hanging!

8. Lastly, we spray the wooden frame & canvas art with a clear protective coating.

Very easy, very stylish & a versatile DIY project! Any questions, just ask! Thanks for stopping by!


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