Do You Want to Start or Add to Your Jewelry Making Business?

Check out this item in my Etsy shop

For several years, I was really into Jewelry making & have built quite a collection. The beads are all awesome quality, colors, shapes, and sizes. Filler beads, feature beads, unique vintage charms, & colors from every spectrum of the rainbow. Mostly all purchased from Joanns, Hobby Lobby, Etsy, Michaels, & several unique pieces I’ve pulled from a bunch of early 1900s costume Jewelry. A while ago, My husband wanted to be more involved so we moved on to crafting involving more wood, signs, upcycling, accessories and/or apparel. I’d estimate at the very least, all this is worth $500 but am willing to sell together for 1/5 of that!

So, now I have 5 large 17 pocket tackle boxes full of beads, charms, clasps, crimps, rings…you name it. I’m looking to sell them because, well, honestly, I would like a minor return on my big investment & want someone else trying to make their way, to have a great start in their Jewelry making business for minimal investment. I’m pricing this whole set under $100+ shipping & estimate less than $50 needed to buy a few other helpful supplies to start a Jewelry making business. Let me know if you’re interested or have questions or want more pics.

Wish us luck! Check out my Etsy Store


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