Happy New Year! 2019, wow!

Happy New Year! Is anybody even reading this? Well, not yet but this year, I’m all in. I started a business last year which was probably the best part (besides Christmas) of the year! 2018 wasn’t the best year for our family,  our entire city, & most of The Panhandle of Florida really. Hurricane Michael popped up out of no where. We found out about this Cat. 2 on a Monday afternoon & it hit us almost dead on at a Cat. 5 on the following Wednesday. We stayed thru that nightmare & would not have, had we known it was going to hit us so hard! Our power went out that morning & it was a strong Cat 3. Verizon cell service went out & we completely forgot to get a RADIO! A freaking radio, unbelievable. We have lived in Florida for almost all of our 36 years in this planet & should have known better. I attribute this blunder to having only had really bad storms hit us as children & young adults in which radios were more common. AND the absolute dependence on cell phones, which failed us terribly. When it was all over, SO much was devastated but our house was still standing & we were alive. My husband, a disabled veteran, suffered a heat stroke when we were passing out supplies & had to be taken to the ICU in another city for almost 2 weeks. He’s ok, thank God, but man was that a hard 2 weeks. Between driving to see him every other day, having no power & cell service, & no water in 90 degree heat, I was almost beat. The Vet program we rent out house thru never called or showed up to fix anything so we were stuck with the bill for having fallen trees cut up to tarping our roof. THAT was when we decided things needed to change. We wanted more financial independence. So, we began NikNax Cuts-N-Crafts which allows me to stay home & work. Now, the hard part! How to grow the business? Well, That is the goal for this year so stay tuned & wish us luck!


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