Map Background/Map Vinyl – A New Obsession, a Touch of Inspiration!

As I mentioned before, I’m a huge Tolkien fan. I dressed up for 1 of the movie premiers when I was younger. I also went to see the 1st movie in Jean overalls 9.5 months pregnant in my 20’s! I’ve read the book, LOTR, every year since 10th grade. So, when I envisioned this map background w/ the Tolkien quote, I was thrilled & just loved making it. I want to do more home decor projects like wall hangings, framed art, or covered canvases w/ the map vinyl adhesive. I scowered Pinterest today for deeper inspiration into my map project ideas. I find the map print inspirational because I LOVE to travel. I’ve been all over the world, well sort of. Germany, Austria, Switzerland by bus for weeks, the summer after senior year, were 3 of the 1st places, besides Florida, I had ever been & it they were amazing. I was a small town kid w/ an even smaller worldview so it was eye opening, educational, and awe-inspiring, all in one. My world was no longer so small, my mind was awake, aware of the frankness of the world. I left for college in Orlando, FL at the tender age of 17, August 1999. During college, I went to the Bahamas a few times, then Mexico, on a lot of road trips to the Keys & all over the southern U.S. The spring I turned 18, I flew to Austin, TX & got to experience that fascinating city, while popping down to the Alamo in San Antonio too. We are lunch on the Rio Grande. I also saw real snow for the first time in college when I flew to Boston to visit my aunt at 19. She took me to a chalet in Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire where I awoke to a winter wonderland in a cabin in the forest. We snowboarded. It was amazing to see things in the world that I had only read about. By then, I had fallen in a deep love w/ traveling, I mean I was obsessed! I even took out a student loan, when college was 100% free, just to travel. Later, at 21, I was able to live in San Diego, CA when my hubby & I married, since he was stationed there. We would move to Mobile, AL & Atlantic City, NJ too, each w/ their own uniqueness & history.  California was the farthest I had ever lived away from my hometown. We returned to San Diego a few years ago, as adults, & took a rental car straight up the coast to Beverly Hills. It was a blast, & we hit Indian Reservation Casinos on the way back through a more mountainous route! My last trip overseas was to the gorgeously green, most welcoming country of Ireland & it was unbelievable! We were delayed in NYC so were able to spend a whole day roaming around Manhattan. Naturally, we chose to go see the Twin Towers Memorial, breathtaking! Then the flight we caught to Dublin, from which I saw the Statue of Liberty for the 1st time, dropped us in Paris for a night! A very welcome detour, indeed! We spent a few days in Dublin, rode a train to Cork & enjoyed that gem for a few days. Lastly, we rented cars on a whim & took off on a 4 day driving trip, literally all down, around, & back up the coast of Southern Ireland. It was absolutely fabulous! The green rolling hills, impromptu town festivals, little wool shop on the side of a mountain, sheep grazing next to tiny houses that came straight from the Shire, I’d swear it. It was the best experience of my life. These memories are what make me obsessed with this map background & will be the focus of my next few art projects. I’ve yet to make a sale but have put a lot of smiles on my family’s faces with some things I’ve made. It would be nice to actually make other people happy too. This will come with time, I know it. So, I’ve gone deeper into my soul for inspiration so I can set myself apart from the millions of crafters and DIYers out there. Confucious said, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Wish me luck & until next time. Thanks for stopping by!



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