Don’t Stop, Creating!

Or really, just start creating!

Today was my 1st real, true, & full day w/ my cricut. But I spent a hours in Hobby Lobby w/ my husband, shopping for some fun pieces to try different projects. I picked up a grey V neck T-shirt to make a special request from my mother-in-law. She has M.S., is stuck home alone most days, so really enjoys the little projects I make for her.

I also grabbed about 5-6 rolls of different kinds of Cricut Vinyl such as; vinyl iron-on, vinyl foil adhesive, & permanent vinyl glossy. Next, I went with 2 totes and a pack of 10 canvases. I’m building a store & haven’t quite found my niche in this Cricut world but am hellbent finding it!

I made the Jesus Loves Me Shirt for my mother-in-law, which took forever because we only had an iron. We learned, if you’re going to work with vinyl iron on, you need the Cricut Easy Heat Press. That’s next on my list to buy!

Finally, I spent the rest of the time designing a few decals which I’ll picture. These were trial & error. Some worked, some didn’t. But more importantly, I learned more do’s & don’t’s & am proud of the few that turned out good.

Well, tomorrow is a new day & it will be spent making Christmas cookies AND working on my Cricut Canvas Art! Going to try the reverse Canvas project! Wish me luck & Merry Christmas!


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