How Hurricane Michael Inspired a Family Business

There’s nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you.
—Woody Hayes

This blog is about our business, NikNax Cuts-n-Crafts; successes, failures, products, fun stories, & new ideas. We’re so excited to start this entrepreneurial journey! Where will it take us?

First, we want to tell the story of how & why we’ve decided to become custom vinyl design entrepreneurs!

So, there we were. Power out hours ago & it’s getting real dark. The wind is howling & becoming more powerful by the second. We’ve lived in Florida our entire lives & through hurricanes & tropical storms more times than I can count but something is more ominous about this one.
Like typical Floridians, who don’t take hurricanes seriously (hurricanes typically translate to party), we didn’t the supplies we needed. One thing in particular, A RADIO! Last we heard, around noon, it was going to hit at a Cat 3. We’re thinking, no biggie, been there, done that. On top of the epic radio fail, Verizon towers went down almost immediately so no cell phones either! Unbelievable.
We get the kids playing board games, candles lit, flashlights on, & hunker down. Unbeknownst to us, Michael is strengthening quickly & is about to make landfall right down the road at almost a Cat 5!! We knew we might have underestimated this one when the huge breakfast nook window blew in! I’m using all my strength to hold it shut (155 mph winds) while my husband is in the garage frantically searching for the right size wood to drill the window shut. This happens 3 more times in different rooms. The walls are shaking, the roof is flying off in chunks, trees are crashing around us, our metal screen porch is being mangled, & giant pine trees are snapping in half.

We screwed up! But all we could do is ride it out & pray! The next few hours consisted of checking the windows & walls, keeping the kids calm & safe, & listening for a train. Why? Sound of a train = tornado! Remember, we had NO radio, No phone.

In the end, we were so lucky. We had real damage, we survived. some didn’t. Verizon phones were out for weeks, communication was non-existent. We walked around neighborhoods in shock. Heartbreaking! So many in our community lost EVERYTHING! Schools were closed for weeks, & some so damaged, they had to combine schools & bus kids in.

There is a happy element to this tragedy. There’s no place in the world I’d rather live in a time like this, than the U.S.A.! The country, the state, the county, & cities rallied together & worked night & day starting before the storm. From the federal gov’t, down to our local government, preparation saved the day. Power trucks from all over were staged & started working the minute the winds allowed, 24/7. Power back in 9 days! First responders worked round-the-clock, sirens whined ALL day. People came from every corner of the country to help, so selfless. Everywhere you went, you saw free water, free medical trucks, free hot meals, & free food & clothing stations. The Guard patrolled to protect us from looters. Even the President touched down to see tiny little Lynn Haven’s devastation. We cleaned out our closets & pantry & gave every single thing we could to any who’d take it. It was a beautiful thing to witness. We’re Blessed! So, partially from this tragedy & partially from lack of work, we had the vision…to start a business (NikNax Cuts-n-Crafts & NikNax Upcycle) we could run from home, support our family, use our talents & work together  w/ our kids, to be able to spend as much time together because time is precious & you never know what tomorrow brings. Stay tuned….


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